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My Zombie Apocalypse team meme by tunaniverse My Zombie Apocalypse team meme by tunaniverse
Blank: [link]

After a year of trying to come up with a great team, I have finally decided

Team leader: The Doctor (Doctor Who)
       -The Doctor may not be reliable all the time but at least he's that one person you feel that he will get you out of this situation when you're around with him. True that not all the people around him survived but come on, he got a TARDIS, He's 1300 years old-ish
and a time lord. He probably ran into a lot of Zombies situation already

Brawler: Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)
      -(I will just assume that Brawler and Speed fighter are the same) I really want no conflict between each of the team members, which is why I'm avoiding the hot headed, high ego character as much as possible. Alphonse takes the situation calmly most of the time and is friendly. His alchemy is also useful in many situation like creating a barrier, shelter, make another exit in case they're trap and most of all, fighting. There is always one of those situation that the team need someone who WON'T DIE to do the job so Alphonse will fit in that job. He can also carry people inside his armor in case his/her need protection.

Weapons Expert: Doraemon (Doraemon)
     - Dude, He got 4D pocket with hundred of tools from the future, there must be some kind of weapon in his pocket, if not, he got that door that can go everywhere. Doraemon would be so damn useful in this situation

Brain: Ishida Uryu (Bleach)
      -I actually know that Ishida may not be the smartest person. I considered Sherlock at first but I am quite positive that he won't get along well with any of the members. Ishida can be so damn smart in the battle field, more imortant he has that bow that can fire 1200 arrows at once. So we get a brain AND another speed fighter. We also already have Doctor and Bossun to add up the brain in here. The only problem left is his personality. Ishida can be pain in the ass sometime if he can not get along well with others so to avoid this problem, adding Orihime to the team will likely to make him kinder ( and add a little romantic couple in the team as a plus).

Medic: Inoue Orihime(Bleach)
      - People need to know now that Orihime has one very strong will and is far from useless. She has an ability to reject events, for the starter, that is different from healing, meaning she can reject the bite. That is hella useful. She can protect herself too. Tsubaki and the shield are the plus and she won't go to that "Kurosaki-kun" mode many people hate, not when Ichigo is not around.

Speed fighter: Avatar Wan (The legend of Korra)
      - Fire user in Zombie apocalypse is useful. Fire, water, earth and wind is more than useful. I considering Roy Mustang first, but like Sherlock, He is such a show off and will likely to have trouble working as a team and he is useless in the rain. Second, Korra. Korra is very hot headed and won't listen to other no matter how strong she is, so no. I don't choose Aang because Fire is not his greatest Element compare to Wan and he depends on Avatar state a lot too. Wan is very strong and kind, that is why I choose him.

Mascot: Bossun/Fujisaki Yuusuke (Sket dance)
     - Bossun will not only make a great comic relief but also a great mind as well. He is the kind of guy who will keep the team cheering up and as well come up with plan in some of th situation as his 'meditation mode' proved to be as effective as Sherlock's 'Mind palace'. He is good with aiming to and with that Doraemon can help with the weapons. He is a great leading in his own story so he can apply that to the team!

A Guy who dies first: Kamina (Gurren Lagann)
     - This one I took the longest to choose. Most of people I see choose between weak character or someone they hate but I think that the strong team will not let the weak die but instead the first one that likely to die is the one who would sacrifice their life to save others. That or that he just don't listen. I choose Kamina(yeah sue me) because he was my alternative choice of the team leader. He died in the story first, too, and die with honor even. and it is not that he will die immediately as he join the team, he can even be the team leader first and achieve lot of thing. without Gurren lagann, he fought with his sword so yeah...he is likely to get bitten by that...

any through on this team?
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i can't stop smiling on this team is that awesome
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